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U.S. WW2 Planes
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List of Bombers and Fighters used by the Americans during WW2


P39 Aircobra
P59 Airacome
P26 Peashooter
F4B (P-12)
F2A Buffalo
Model 75 P36
P40 Warhawk
FM2 Wildcat
F4F Wildcat
F7F Tigercat
F6F Hellcat
P38 Lightning
P80 Shooting Star
P-51 Mustang
P61 Black Widow
P47 Thunderbolt
F4U Corsair


B17 Flying Fortress
B29 Superfortress
B24 Liberator
B32 Dominator
More to come....

Transport & Recon Planes

314 Clipper Transport seaplane
Super H 18 Light Transport
C-46 Commando Transport
C-47 Airborne Transport
B-19 Transport
DC-4 C-54 Skymaster Transport
G21 Goose Amphibious transport
PBY Catalina Recon seaplane
Ventura / Harpoon Recon bomber
Auster I-V Recon plane

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